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Investment Partners

Savant Investment Partners (SIP) – is the parent company to the Savant group of companies that represent the various arms of our real estate investment businesses. Savant Investment Partners manages our commercial real estate investment partnerships.


Commercial Real Estate

Savant Commercial Real Estate (SCRE) – is a licensed commercial real estate brokerage and property management company headquartered in our Las Vegas, Nevada offices. Savant Commercial Real Estate manages the day to day operations of our Nevada real estate holdings.



Savant Report

Savant Report (SR) – is a subscription based publication that provides weekly investment news, commentary and analysis of asset classes throughout the world. The Savant Report discusses international and domestic real estate markets, stocks/equities, commodities, global economics and U.S. Policies. The report is authored by Savant CEO, Jordan Wirsz with numerous contributing writers and investment experts in a variety of areas.

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